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Products > Medical Gauze > > Absorbent Gauze Swabs Non-sterile
Product name : Absorbent Gauze Swabs Non-sterile
Product No. : GS3590060
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Absorbent Gauze Swabs Non-sterile
The Absorbent Gauze Swabs are made of pure 100% cotton yarn ensure 
the product soft and Superior absorbency makes the pads perfect 
for absorbing blood ang exudates. 
--mesh/inch2:12x8,18x9,19x11, 20x12,19x15,24x20,26x18,30x20,28x24 
(Type:13,17,18,20,22 ) 
--size(cm):5x5, 7.5x7.5, 5x7.5, 7.5x10, 8x10, 10x10, 10x12.5, 
10x20, 15x15, 20x20, 20x30, 20x25, 30x30 
--ply: 8ply,12ply,16ply,24ply 
--with folded edges (AF) or without folded edges(FF) 
--with or without X-ray thread detectable 
--Packing: 50pcs/pack, or 100pcs/pack 
in white paper pack.

More information, please kindly contact us.

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